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Art and Music have always had a special relationship, intertwining to create unique and powerful experiences. When art and music come together, they have the ability to evoke emotions, tell stories, and inspire creativity in others. Whether it's a painting inspired by a piece of music, or a song that brings a visual art piece to life, the collaboration between these two forms of expression can be truly magical. By working together, art and music have the potential to transcend boundaries and connect with people on a deeper level, making the world a more vibrant and enriching place.

  • Date: 5/25/2024 10:30 AM - 5/25/2024 12:00 PM
  • Location Kentland Community Center 2413 Pinebrook Road Landover, Maryland 20785 (Map)


Elementary, Middle and High School Students are invited to attend.

To Register for this Free Event:  Email Your Name NLT May 20th to