Congratulations, Katrina Dixon Patterson

Article Source: Daily Record Staff May 9, 2022

Katrina Dixon Patterson | Maryland Daily Record ( 

Katrina Dixon Patterson

Supervisory Service Coordinator

The Department on Disability Services 

District of Columbia Government

Self-care connects everything in life: career, interactions and one’s personal life. Is this something you are doing well or is this a goal? What are your secrets if you are succeeding and what are you goals if this is a focus area where you want to learn from others?

Self-care is not an indulger, it is a discipline. It connects everything in life: career, interactions and one’s personal life. If your job is to take care of everyone else, this is your time to start taking care of yourself and you will see a shift in your ability to take care of others.

Part of my self-care involves joining different organizations or groups, and spending more time with my friends. These are all wonderful ways to ensure that I not only stay connected to others who can support my self-care journey. Being able to lean on friends, family, and even licensed medical professionals, can advance my self-care so that I am healthy in my mind, body and soul.

Why is community service critical to your career and your personal leadership journey?

Community service has been extremely critical to my career and my personal leadership journey. It’s been a great way to build skills. In volunteer pursuits, I have the ability to take a leadership role or contribute to tasks where I haven’t tested my skills before. In addition, It expands my social networks. Often, job growth comes through shifting to new positions or new companies. A network you build through volunteering can be instrumental in discovering these opportunities. Learning is an ongoing process that even a very experienced leader needs. It can contribute to your sense of self-worth and provide for well-being and meaning outside of work. When you’re fulfilled in your worklife as a whole, you’re more likely to be happy and to give your best to your job.