The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., Prince George's County Chapter proudly presents:


A letter from Debra Nixon Jordan, Immediate Past President

The members of the Coalition have worked diligently to engage our Prince George's County and Maryland communities in the fostering of economic empowerment, advancing home ownership, and financial literacy through partnerships with Wells Fargo, the Truist Foundation, United States Coast Guard, Arctaris, and business leaders that shared their knowledge and skills in numerous webinars.

National Coalition of 100 Black Women (NC100BW, Inc.), Prince George's County Chapter has advanced the mentoring of Black women and girls through leadership development talks, advancing college readiness, career skills, while partnering with the U.S. Soccer Association, the United States Coast Guard, Quality of Life Pharmacy and Health, Arctaris, political and health leaders, and Prince George's County Public Schools.

Advancing legislatively, the safety of our children, equitable school funding, building opportunities for women transitioning from incarceration into the workplace are just a few of the women's and girl's issues addressed thanks to partnerships with the Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women (MLAW), Office of States Attorney, the Prince George's County Legislative Delegation and the Maryland Black Caucus.

We thank our members for their advocacy in our fight for gender equity and leadership in the areas of economic empowerment, education and mentoring, health equity and public policy to foster social justice.

We thank our members for advancing the most comprehensive police reform and accountability legislation in the country.

We thank our members for helping to prevent homelessness and protect home ownership and family wellbeing through policies related to addressing COVID. We thank our long-standing partners, like the Central Baptist Church of Camp Springs for advancing health outcomes and equity during the pandemic as we worked collectively to vaccinate over 2,000 people. We also worked together to advance awareness of the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Foundation with their lab proven cure for solid mass cancerous tumors.

We thank individuals doing excellent work that we have joined in partnership with, such as Dr. Hadiyah Nicole Greene, for her work to save our lives and change the economics of cancer prevention ( We thank Dr. Kevin Streete for caring for the health of the underserved communities in Prince George’s County’s and helping bring down the COVID infection rate and providing needed services in the Capital Heights area. Our health team informed the community on the metabolic syndrome that plagues our Black community, cancer awareness, urinary health, stress reduction and mental health resources. We brought awareness to the need for sickle cell testing in our communities coast-to-coast and better preparedness of doctors in treating us as patients and health consumers.

Our public policy team prepared position papers, shared resolutions on the need for school funding to address students’ catch-up needs post-COVID, the need to address youth and adult obesity and healthy eating. We worked to ensure that marriage is not an excuse for rape. We advocated for the Time to Care Act. We asked for help for families and seniors so negatively impacted by COVID and its economic ravages. We supported the advancement of the first Black woman Supreme Court Justice and advanced the need for more representation of Black women in state elected offices. We thank our sister Chapters for their support and alliances to help move the most needs-based, people-oriented, progressive agendas through the Maryland legislature. Having the skilled, caring and talented Speaker of the House, Adrienne Jones, and two of our esteemed members, The Honorable Senator Joanne Benson and Delegate Diana Fennell, to help guide us. Having Maryland Black Caucus Chair’s Delegate Daryl Barnes as a strong community partner and devoted public servant to Prince George’s County and the State of Maryland was tremendous support to our effective advocacy on behalf of Black women and girls. Having a smart caring County Executive, Angela Alsobrooks, helped benefit the people of this county with increased legislative funding and resources for food, shelter, and health. States Attorney Braveboy and her team helped us address domestic violence and child protection.